Large-Scale 3-Bay 3-Story RCS Frame Test


National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering -
Keh-Chyuan Tsai, Chin-Hsiung Loh, L.L. Chung, G.Y. Liu,
Yeong-Kae Yeh, K.J. Wang, S.J. Wang, W.C. Cheng,
Chui-Hsin Chen, Pei-Ching Chen, Wen-Chi Lai

National Central University -
Hsieh-Lung Hsu

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology -
Cheng-Cheng Chen

National Cheng Kung University -
Hsuan-Teh Hu

National Chiao Tong University -
Cheng-Chih Chen, C.S. Huang

National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology -
C.T. Cheng

Lan-Yang Institute of Technology -
Ker-Chun Lin

RunHorn Pretech Engineering Co., LTD. -
Alien Wu

Stanford University -
Greg Deierlein & Paul Cordova

University of Michigan -
Subhash Goel & Gustavo Parra

Nippon Steel Corporation -
Ryoichi Kanno

Kyushu University -
Toko Hitaka

Leigh University -
James Ricles

University of California -
Steve Mahin

University of Washington -
Charles Roeder